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Kitchen – The Heart of a Restaurant

An integral part of any restaurant is the kitchen and its influence on your menu. How you manage your restaurant kitchen will also affect the bottom line of your profits. Planning your restaurant kitchen requires the right equipment and layout.…

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The Fine Art of Styling A Dish

man styling a dish

Food involves all your five senses, and most of us eat with our eyes first, strange thing, when we actually know that it is obviously our mouth’s business. HOW TO CRAFT YOUR NICHE THROUGH FOOD PRESENTATION? Great food is eaten…

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Milk and Fruit

milk with fruits

For most of the mothers, a glass of milk is the most essential diet in their kid’s breakfast. No matter what their kids have to say, they would make sure that their little ones don’t leave house without a glass…

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More Saliva = Better digestion

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more_saliva more digestion

Saliva is the most essential requirement for better digestion. The more the saliva, the better the digestion, which in other words means, no obesity, no cholesterol, no heart diseases and no uric acid disorder. Rule 1 As soon as you…

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