Aroma Of Food

There are two kinds of people –one, who eat to live and other, – who live to eat. I guess I belong to the second group. But, don’t think that my obese or overweight, let me tell you that my weight is under my control and I am in good shape. The reason that I said that I live to eat is simply because I relish every morsel, every bit of food I eat.

Since every person is different, its quite obvious that there idea of expressing happiness is also different, some people booze, or fag, some go on a long drive or take a swim etc, etc. But for me happiness means laughter, good music and aroma of delicious food. For all those who don’t know, let me tell you that food involves all our five senses , you can see, touch, taste, smell and listen your food, you must be wondering listen?, how can you? But, think again, don’t you say cheers? Now you agree, don’t you?

At last, it happened, we all went to celebrate my birthday in a newly opened Restaurant and my wish was granted, I had a good company, nice music and of course , delicious food.

We all decided to reach at the venue around 7pm. I came with my husband, along with two of my colleagues, and guess what, they were chanting, Hanuman Chalisa in their hearts, but obvious, what they can do, a woman on the driver’s seat. But, by the grace of God, and their good luck, no one was hurt, and we all were there at the venue at 7pm, pink in health.

Soon we were joined with other colleagues; together we went in the restaurant. As soon as we settled in our seats, we decided to order soup, we were 11 people in all, and there was confusion as to which soup to order, at last the consensus was made, the waiter came and we placed the order for the soup. The service was fast, and in 5minutes, we were all sipping our hot soup and chatting on different topics, Indian politics – Modi Vs Kejriwal, How is India different from Europe, are some of the topics, that I can recall now. And all of a sudden, one of us, said, hey, did you notice, the name of the Restaurant, it’s DEVILS’ KITCHEN, and there was a huge laugh, and we all joined our heads and came up with numerous ideas, as to how can this appearance, the ambience of this restaurant be analogous to its name. Somebody said that the waiter should be dressed in a such a manner that he appears furious, the walls should be painted in black, the other said, there should be smoke and cruel laughter from one corner or the other at different intervals, and we laughed our heart out at this engaging discussion.

By then, we all have finished our soup, and were deciding on the main- course. We ordered different dishes, and the waiter was confused, and had to repeat the order twice to check if its correct, and at that time I thought, how good would it be if the Restaurant had SMART MENU, which offers no scope for confusion, the order is placed by the client himself, and he can actually see his order being processed, its turnaround time, the ingredients used, and the chef who is cooking, plus he also has the liberty to modify the dishes according to his taste, by adding some toppings and removing some items.

But never mind, the food was served hot and the quantity was good and that time that only matter, we ate till we were full, the food was delicious and thus, the chef was called and we all appreciated his cooking. Then some called for dessert, but since the option was limited, thus Gulabjamun and ice cream were ordered. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I decided not to indulge in dessert. At last, I called for cheque, and having settled the bill, we all went back to our home, satisfied and happy.

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