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Digital Menu for Restaurant- An Automated Intelligent Menu Scheduling

Is it easy to run a successful restaurant during tough economic times? It is not always easy to have creative thoughts and manage to improve the profitability. People go to the restaurants to eat, both as a matter of convenience…

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Restaurant ERP Software

Regardless of whether you own a fine dining restaurant or a fast food outlet, there is nothing like having a smooth functioning establishment. Probably the smartest solution for any restaurant enterprise is to adopt a genuine and well-customized management software…

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POS Software for A User Friendly Restaurant

Software for restaurants is planned to provide a better experience for the customers. It helps to control expenses and supports in the growth of your business. There are softwares that cover the total needs of your business life-cycle. They cover…

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What Do Customers crave for?

When you created your restaurant, you certainly must have thought a great deal about your customers — what type of food, what kind of atmosphere, what kind of lighting, what kind of interior — all genus of things that would…

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Healthy, Delicious Breakfast

What to cook for breakfast that is both healthy and delicious? , does this question bother you every morning? Well discover a few tactics to spruce up everyday breakfast items, and make the most of your time and money with…

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Aroma Of Food

There are two kinds of people –one, who eat to live and other, – who live to eat. I guess I belong to the second group. But, don’t think that my obese or overweight, let me tell you that my…

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Restaurant Design

The second best thing that you love about your restaurant after food is its interior. Unlike hotel interior designing, a Restaurant interior designing requires fewer arrangements. However, the scope of ornamentation depends on the preference of the owner and the…

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Hiring A Chef

One of the most significant roles in the restaurant is the chef. The chef, or executive chef, is responsible for the entire kitchen maneuver. They instruct kitchen staff, supervise all of the cooking developments and help build up menu and…

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Kitchen – The Heart of a Restaurant

An integral part of any restaurant is the kitchen and its influence on your menu. How you manage your restaurant kitchen will also affect the bottom line of your profits. Planning your restaurant kitchen requires the right equipment and layout.…

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man styling a dish

The Fine Art of Styling A Dish

Food involves all your five senses, and most of us eat with our eyes first, strange thing, when we actually know that it is obviously our mouth’s business. HOW TO CRAFT YOUR NICHE THROUGH FOOD PRESENTATION? Great food is eaten…

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