Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is SmartMenu system for restaurant & cafes?

A: SmartMenu is a real-time food ordering, order tracking and management system for restaurant & cafes; one application, which works for Customers, Waiters and Chefs alike. Primarily it puts customers in control so much so that a Waiter is needed only when food is ready in the kitchen. Makes entire process super easy and facilitates quicker turn around using real-time push notification system, which ultimately results in improved customer experience.

Q: Is SmartMenu like any other digital menu card on a handheld device?

A: No, SmartMenu is much more than a digital Menu Card. It creates a real-time network among Waiter, Chef, Cashier and Managers in addition to the Customer who is the protagonist of our app e.g. orders show on Chef’s screen instantly, as customers push them, Chef on the other hand can see a list of dishes to be cooked and keep a tab of what is cooked and what is pending. Likewise, waiter on their side can keep a tab on what is ordered and what is ready in the kitchen. Cashier can also see orders and print bills whereas Manager can manage the entire show on their side of the app.

Q: Since SmartMenu is branded as customer friendly application, does it support multiple languages?

A: Yes, SmartMenu system allows customers to translate everything on the menu card to a preferred language on the go.

Q: Do we need to use different applications for Customers, Waiters, Chef, Cashier and Manager?

A: No, You need only one application, which puts everyone in the loop including Customer, Waiter, Chef, Cashier and Manager. We are distributing SmartMenu Notification app as a standard plug-in for receiving push notification by the staff.

Q: Do I need Internet in order to use SmartMenu system?

A: Yes, SmartMenu system is powered by our extensive Cloud-based services for it is a real-time groupware application.

Q: What kind of Technical/On-Site Support does SmartMenu offers to its customers?

A: SmartMenu offers 24/7/365 Technical Support. If you have signed up for SmartMenu services through one of our distribution partners, than the distributor will be able to provide onsite support for your establishment. Since SmartMenu system is a Cloud-based solution, a majority of the issues can be resolved remotely or by our Technical Support Team.

Q: How easy is it to set up SmartMenu?

A: We assume that every requirement is unique and thus need to be addressed fittingly. We have made setting up simpler by offering options to choose from. It helps us decide on a setup environment that is best suited to your specific requirement and therefore easier to setup also.

Q: Does SmartMenu system include payment processing as well?

A: No, our focus has been making this app a fitting tool for customers by automating tasks that involve customers ordering food and waiter serving food primarily. We plan to introduce payment processing soon.

Q: How much are the startup costs in order to use SmartMenu system?

A: Please contact us for costing.

Q: Which all countries is SmartMenu system available in?

A: SmartMenu system is available to restaurant & cafes all over the world.