Kitchen – The Heart of a Restaurant

An integral part of any restaurant is the kitchen and its influence on your menu. How you manage your restaurant kitchen will also affect the bottom line of your profits. Planning your restaurant kitchen requires the right equipment and layout. Making sure that you have correct food cost, menu prices, labor costs and reducing waste will all go a long way toward a successful restaurant.

How to Plan Your Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen is the life blood of your restaurant. Kitchen is one of the biggest investments in opening a restaurant. A commercial kitchen requires modern and efficient paraphernalia that will withstand a busy restaurant schedule. The design and layout of a restaurant kitchen should be carved out in such a way so as to facilitate seamless food flow from the prep area to the line.

Role of a Restaurant Kitchen

The kitchen is the nucleus of your restaurant, where your menu comes into existence. It is the vicinity where food is prepared, cooked and plated. A kitchen rests the dirty dishes, stores food and where all the utensils, dishes and cooking equipment are housed. In comparison to your home, where it’s just you and your family, a restaurant kitchen has dozens of people in and out of it at any given time, so it’s important to be structured and planned. It should offer place for everything and at the same time, everything should be in place. This will not only save time during the busy rushes, it helps keep the kitchen in order.

Hi-tech Kitchen

Instead of having the kitchen staffs learn by heart the recipes and food preparation guidelines, we can simply add tablets to push recipes to its line cooks. In the past, recipes and manuals would be sent out to restaurants in hard-copy form, and the materials quickly become out-of-date.
Once we have a Smart System installed, things would change miraculously, all of its recipes, including videos could be used by kitchen staff to help produce food in an unswerving manner.
A Smart System is extremely efficient if you have a chain of restaurants or running different stores, for now we have recipe on our computers in all the stores that permit everybody to be updated with recipes and specifications instantaneously. Having this info at Kitchen staff’s fingertips makes a massive difference in the daily running of the restaurant.

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