Milk and Fruit
milk with fruits

For most of the mothers, a glass of milk is the most essential diet in their kid’s breakfast. No matter what their kids have to say, they would make sure that their little ones don’t leave house without a glass of milk. They would plead with them, bribe them with candies, chocolates, and extra play time and what not, and if all this doesn’t serve the purpose then they won’t even bother putting on some extra force or scolding.

Poor kids… But my dear mothers, a glass of milk is healthy only if it is served after sunset, simply because the enzymes that digest the milk are produced in our bodies after Sunset. But, then what do we serve in breakfast? Is your immediate question? The answer to this is simple, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Yes, give your kids an apple, or any seasonal fruit or fresh juice to start their day, for the same reason, that the enzymes to digest the fruit are active during sunrise.

If you fear that you or your kid will get cold if you consume juice in the morning then you can add a pinch of black salt to it and savor it without any fear of cold.

So, always remember an apple a day and milk at night, makes your kid healthy, wealthy and wise.

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