More Saliva = Better digestion
more_saliva more digestion

Saliva is the most essential requirement for better digestion. The more the saliva, the better the digestion, which in other words means, no obesity, no cholesterol, no heart diseases and no uric acid disorder.

Rule 1 As soon as you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink at least 2 glass of Luke warm water, sip by sip, rolling it in your mouth nicely so that the saliva that is collected in your mouth throughout night, is mixed with the water, and then swallow it. Reason, our saliva is alkaline in nature and thus helps in better digestion.

NOTE Never use toothpaste for brushing your teeth because all toothpastes contain Di- calcium phosphate and fluoride in excessive amount which are like a poison to human body. They also decrease the saliva count in your mouth which leads to indigestion, which is the mother of nearly all the diseases. Use Neem branch (Neem Datoon) for brushing your teeth, which in addition to cleaning your mouth and odor will increase the saliva in your mouth and will help in better digestion.

Rule 2 – Don’t drink water 1 hour before your meals and 1.5hr after your meals, of course, no water during meals.

Rule 3- Chew your food properly, According to Ayurveda a person should chew every morsel 32 times, (we have a set of 32 teeth).

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