POS System in a Restaurant

SmartMenu POS System can be fully customized according to your business needs, and it includes all POS features required to enhance your business’s earning potential.
We provide POS software in an economical budget to help grow your business, from the easy to understand interface that reduces the amount of taps per transaction, to the boomy scheduling and inventory management. In addition to fastened and secure servers, some other important features include:
• POS system improves customer relationships with the use of allegiance programs, placing orders from table, and Bill print options.
• Provides lots of enhance features for Managers, including delivery management, employees management and many more.
• POS system provides fully fledged admin section which provides Tools for optimization, such as accurate reporting, Sales management capabilities, and many more features.
• Customizations for loyalty programs, permissions, and menu building.
• Hardware and setup to manage Wi-Fi, label printing, and preconfigured hardware.
• Provides Payment flexibility to handle split or merged bills, voucher cards, and customizable Payment methods.
SmartMenu is fully compatible with restaurant POS system, including Payment methods, QuickBooks, and all social media features. We continuously provide free software updates with new features to keep up with your business aggressive.