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The second best thing that you love about your restaurant after food is its interior. Unlike hotel interior designing, a Restaurant interior designing requires fewer arrangements. However, the scope of ornamentation depends on the preference of the owner and the size of the business.

Having said that, the truth is restaurants entail more appealing designs than hotels. Restaurants need to catch the attention of new people who might be travelers or tourists. While choosing a hotel, people’s choice is more likely to be influenced by what they hear about hotel’s reputation, their rates per day and service charges. However, this is not the case when it comes to choosing a restaurant.

When people eat in a restaurant, they don’t simply enjoy the meal, but they take pleasure in restaurant design also. Interior design of a restaurant is, without a doubt, in the same way as significant as the food quality. When we go out for lunch or dinner we certainly desire comfort alongside food. Most of the time, the resolution to enter a restaurant is made instantly. There is no specific raison d’être for this choice. It is the common feeling they acquire by looking at the place that at once persuades them to take a look inside. Another reason that accentuates the role of interior designing in the functioning of a restaurant is the competition. Go to any city or town you will find mushrooming restaurants in every nook and corner. So the probability of a person marching inside your restaurant is more if you have preserved an exceptional and eye-catching interior. Distinctiveness or matchlessness is the vital feature that can motivate a person to wish for your place over others. Your restaurant ought to be one of its kinds. And for that you must sketch out a diverse theme and approach for your interiors.

If you are operating a small restaurant, you can make an effort and plan the place yourself. Internet is there at your disposal for some of the most up-to-date styles and suggestions. You will be getting great tips and reading stuffs on interior designing. You can even purchase materials online for decorate your place.

On the other hand, if you are managing a luxurious restaurant, then it’s better to seek some help for its designing. You can employ an interior designer with extensive experience in designing hotels and restaurants. Before selecting your designer, it is always advisable to check out his/her past work or projects. Compare the quotes offered by different designers. Confer your requirements with them while taking into consideration their inputs.

Here are some tips to help out with your restaurant design.

Managing Space

The first is to provide space for welcoming your customers. While some restaurants have the facility of not counting the waiting area in their interior space since they can leave the queuing outside.

They put their welcoming stand outside and consign someone to welcome clients.

However for those who don’t have the luxury of queuing area outside, it is better that you allocate a definite legroom for your waiting customers. Keep in mind your busiest days to decide how much space you will designate.


The next tip is to choose the accurate blend of table and chairs. Space planning and furniture arrangement of your restaurant is the basis for creating your ideal ambiance. The flooring and design must work efficiently in terms of movement. Obviously, the last thing that you want is to create traffic jams between the staff and customers!

Place tables that can hold 2, 4 and 6 people and choose tables that can be carried around without any difficulty. It is prudent to use squares and rectangular tables for restaurants as they can easily be set together for a group of customers in comparison to circular tables since they tend to acquire up extra space and accommodate less people. Spawning a seating arrangement that make best use of facility and permit flexibility is also vital for hosting festivity or events.


Once you have zeroed in on your concept, it is time to create a colour chart to reveal the mood you are aiming for. Colour is one of the powerful techniques of setting the mood as it associates with our emotional and physical responses and could even handle them.

For instance, tones of blue indicate poise, consistency and responsibility. It speaks about one-to-one communication rather than mass communication. It arouses insight and higher ideals in comparison to red which incorporates vigor, enthusiasm, achievement, strength and excitement. Arrangement of the right colors can persuade guests to hang about for long, or eat quickly and move on. So, as you’re deciding on the colour palate, make sure that it’s affectionate, appealing and welcoming.


Picture yourself in a restaurant with your partner. Interior is stunning, service is exceptional, but the lights are so intense that they permanently tear down your thought of enjoying a warm atmosphere. Delicious food, superior servers and pleasant interior can’t make up for the feeling of uneasiness produced by the bright lights. In these circumstances, food transforms color as well, the meat appears grey and vegetables look bluish. This is a disaster, caused completely by unsuitable lighting, so choose a lighting that is soft such as faint lighting, chandeliers, light bulb in diverse colours except white or opt for candlelight. Muted or dim lights are ideal for a romantic meal and sunlight is best for breakfast and lunch.

All of these tips are noteworthy in making an eye-catching restaurant design, which is as significant as the meals. Remember, the overall design of your restaurant and its environment is a spatial illustration of your flourishing business.

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