Smart Waiter for Cafe & Restaurants

Meet the café and eating places proprietor’s excellent associates The SmartWaiter calling method that reinforces customer delights and trade earnings.

Don’t go away your consumers standing in a queue on the counter waiting to order!

Consultant them to a table
Sit them down
Reward them a menu
In short provide an explanation for the SmartWaiter
Go away them to make a resolution from the menu and press the service button

SmartWaiter app works along with fundamental software ‘SmartMenu. Please visit to know more about SmartMenu. This app is supposed to receive push notifications for the waiter.

The Benefits of a SmartWaiter System

SmartWaiter is a tool that raises the productiveness of your employees, at the same time whilst lowering strain on them, permitting your restaurant or cafe to do more with less and produce better results for you.

The advantages can be grouped into three primary areas:

Higher provider
Accelerated earnings
Decreased employees bills