The Restaurant Inventory Software

SmartMenu’s actual time restaurant inventory administration solution provides updated stock counts 24 hours a day. Normal time drinking stock management duties akin to counting inventory, generating and receiving orders, and coming into transfers or wastes are commonly lowered in time and effort. For much more effectively, the provision feature can disable an object on the POS (Point of Sale) when the item is depleted.
Curb waste and theft
Restaurant Inventory Software presents the capacity to monitor each ingredient in a recipe or dish, which in flip allows for the user to raised monitor meals costs. The capability to set recipe portions makes it possible for you to cut down waste, broaden first-class control and confirm for variances. As soon as activated, the process manages restaurant inventory stages situated on recipes, preserving a correct count of inventory phases normally.

Perpetual inventory with customizable, dynamic worksheets

Changes can be made at any time, either manually or with a wireless handheld gadget

Depend inventory items utilizing bar codes for more efficiency and simplicity

Capacity to enter the number of calories for every item or recipe

The creation agenda compares previous earnings to check how a lot of a particular menu object should be ready on detailed days to curb waste and food fees.

The automated Conversion operates mechanically converts portions acquired into quantities used for recipes.

Recipes can also be displayed or printed on the POS to aid with employee training or customer inquiries.

Helps to increase profit
Stock presents aspects that help you manage your menu for highest earnings, settling on menu objects with high margins that will have to be promoted and menu gadgets with low margins where the recipe should be adjusted or the price recalculated. The method may even suggest the promoting cost of products situated on the food price, permitting you to specify the required amount of margin on any product.
Detailed Reporting

The stock module presents numerous studies that furnish an in-depth analysis of food bills, usage, variances, and sales tendencies.

Operating fee & rate of sales

Usage report & theoretical utilization of elements situated on portions sold

Waste historical past

Construction historical past

Capacity to create and customize studies

And lots of more…