Why SmartMenu
Easy Login: The app allows easy login to the staff, tapping their photo and filling password, that’s it.
Multiple roles: One person can serve in multiple roles; a waiter can be a cashier also.
Cost-effective: One waiter can manage to serve multiple tables for they don’t need to stand and orate dishes and take orders hence their time is better utilized.
Reliable: The ordering and billing system works on a local network within the facility, eliminating the need to connect to Internet and thus making it more reliable.
In your own language: Ease of viewing menu in the language, customer is most confortable with.
Do it all yourself: Minimizing the need to call and interact with the waiter by providing minutest detail of the dish viz. avg. cook time, avg. servings, weight, specifying special requests, ingredients, ratings, etc.
Quick & easy selection: Selection using host of filters viz. menu course, cuisines, dish type, occasions, special category etc., which takes customer right down to the dish.
Waiter is a button away: May not need them as often but when they do, just tap the button and waiter will be notified.
Feast your eyes first: Explore a dish deeper by swapping through large size images, giving you detailed look of the dish, in the making. No wonder if it makes your mouth-water.
Easy special requests: Gives customer option to specify that extra stuff, they would normally tell the waiter to note down viz. make 2 servings of the soup, double the cheese, no sugar in the tea, etc.
Placing order super easy: Placing order at the Tap of a button as soon as you are ready, no need to wait for waiter to appear and take it.
Check your order list: Easy to view selected items separately, also keeps track of dishes already ordered, they are tagged ‘ORDERED’ on the list.
Lists only what is available: Keeps track of the time customer is selecting and ordering and lists dishes which are available for that time period viz. breakfast / lunch / dinner, uncluttering the selection process.
Leave your footprints: Your taste, likings and feedback are recorded to provide useful data to the restaurant & cafes to make it better for everyone.
Prompter Service: System sends alert to the waiter when dishes are ready to serve or customer calls the waiter, facilitating timely delivery and quick response respectively.
Budget friendly: Keeps track and puts a total of dishes selected based on list price.
Timely delivery and response: First thing the app does for a waiter is, it allows him/her to be prompt to the customer’s requests and gather good reviews for quality of service, beside tips.
Call indicator: Waiter is informed as soon as customer is looking for them.
Dish ready indicator: Order status screen allows them to keep a tab on dish preparation status in the kitchen while attending customers.
Serve it hot: Waiters are notified when a dish is ready to serve; they can serve it hot without any delay.
Least to memorize: Waiters don’t need to memorize the order especially when cashier asks them to give detail to generate bill.
Time saver: Chefs receive orders on their devices from customers directly, saving time taken for waiter to pass it otherwise and also eliminating the need to memorize cooking queue.
Least intervention: The process of receiving orders directly on their devices also reduces the possibility of interventions, each time waiter rushes to the kitchen.
Ready reference and pointer: Chefs have a ready reference in the front, on their devices to keep track of what is being cooked, what is already cooked and what is next.
Timely delivery: Chefs facilitate quicker delivery to customers and keep others, including customers updated about dish status by marking dishes ‘READY’ or ‘COOKING’ as they cook them.
Billing: Generating bills for cashier are easier than ever, at the press of a button.
Managing bills: Bills can be marked as PAID at the press of button.
Easy system monitoring & tracking: Admin can access the system virtually from anywhere and keep track of orders, cooking queue, table’s availability, bills etc. and be on the top.
Easy system management: Admin can manage their staff members, items / dish served, categories, sub-categories, tables, settings etc. virtually from anywhere. Admin can easily activate or deactivate almost anything viz. staff, items, category, sub-category as per requirement.
Portability: Admin interface is a cross platform web application, which can be accessed on any tablet or mobile or desktop systems alike.
Fully customizable: The system allows admin to fully customize it according to their need, be it a small eatery, a café or a high profile restaurant & cafes. The system has 2 levels of categorization, main category and sub-category supported by use of multiple Tags. Among other settings are adding multiple languages, defining meals and their time range and use of preferred currency. These compelling features are discussed below in detail:
  • Categories: Categories allow 1st level of grouping for dishes. Admin can change name of main categories (starter, main, side, beverages etc.) and even add / delete one to suit their requirement.
  • Sub-categories / Tag-category: Sub-categories allow 2nd level of grouping for dishes. Admin can edit name of these categories (Dish type, Cuisines, Occasion, etc.) and even add / delete a sub-category.
  • Tags: Use of tags allows further categorization of dishes. Admin can edit these tags (Vegetarian, Italian, Spicy, Diabetic, Birthday, etc.) and even add / delete one.
  • Tax: Admin can define tax component as application in their region.
  • Language: Admin can add as many languages as they need. It allows admin to provide different languages for their customers.
  • Time of the day: Admin can define the hours range for meals in a day namely, breakfast, lunch and dinner and even add / delete one.
  • Currency: Admin can change the currency, which is used for the dish price on the Menu screen for customers.
  • Change table settings: Admin can change numbering of tables and number of seats each table has. The Status of the table can also be changed by admin.
  • Adding tables: Admin can easily add / delete a table.