Why Smart Menu for Restaurant?

POS System in a Restaurant?

A Point-of-sale (POS) process is a laptop approach used for ordering, monitoring and ringing up sales. POS techniques are customized and programmed to swimsuit the character wants...

Digital Menu for Restaurant

Restaurants could now draw more passengers by offering them superior discrete and interfacing dining experience through mouth-watering taste, images and customized digital menu...

Restaurant Billing Software

Managing a restaurant business is less complex when you have the fundamental restaurant billing software. Billing is an essential operate for small/large restaurants or cafe trades...

Restautant ERP System

Why Do businesses need ERP techniques? Some corporations would possibly not require the entire characteristic record of an ERP system, and might function with simplest the desired...

The Restaurant Inventory Software

Smart Menu Restaurant Inventory Software makes kitchen stock sheets effortless to make. the advantages of computerized stock sheets are which you can invariably print out a new...

Smart Waiter for Cafe

Smart Waiter is: -Unforgettable expertise whenever you seek advice from a cafe! -extended effectively of waiters. - An handy manner for purchasers to send suggestions about the...
How Smart Menu Works for Restaurants?
Customer selects dishes, adds special requests tags, previews the order list and places the Order which goes directly to the Chef and a push alert to the Waiter that order is placed.
Waiter can check the order status screen to keep a tab on the cooking status. Waiter receives a push alerts as dishes are ready to be served. A push alert is sent if Customer taps 'Call Waiter' icon on the interface.
Chef receives orders on their interface, items stack up as orders are placed. Chef taps twice on each item, first to cook it the and then to mark the dish Ready the 2nd time. Push alerts are sent out to Waiters.
Cashier can see all orders on their interface, they can check detail for the order, print the bill and mark orders Paid.
Admin has got admin interface which allows them to monitor the orders / bills, tables status (busy / available) and last but not the least make changes according